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RESTHAVEN CHRISTIAN RETREAT is situated in the beautiful, peaceful Miracle Valley, 25km north of Harare, off the Domboshawa/Borrowdale Road. It is a place where Christians of all denominations can “Come Apart and Rest Awhile”, as individuals, families, church or youth groups. Our guest may chose to have self-catering or meals provided as per arrangement.

Resthaven offers you unlimited activities. To those who love walking amongst the trees, Resthaven has some of the Finest Savannah woodlands that you could explore; walking from one end the valley to another. This is the place to see nature at 'its' best, as it rests its beauty upon your longing heart.

To those who love sport. Resthaven has a soccer field. A basketball court, a Volleyball court, whose access and are at your disposal. All are welcome to have fun with all ball games.

"...Another way to ease life’s tensions is to engage ourselves in physical exercise. Becoming absorbed in some activity – like working in the garden, taking a long walk, playing a game of tennis or taking part in some other kind of sport – not only helps to exercise the body, but it also makes it easier for us to deal calmly with irritating problems..."

Rev Frank Mussell, 1982, Miracle Valley

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